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Storm Scaffolding Induction (Employee)

Terms and Conditions of Employment

Hours of Work

Starting time: 06.30am Ready to start work

Finishing time: 03.00pm

Weekend and overtime work by arrangement

Meal break 30 minutes

Be Prompt and reliable

You must be ready to commence work at the start time and recommence work promptly at the end of lunch

Shopping for lunch or smoko is on your time

Extended lunch times, breaks or leaving work with out prior approval will be deducted and may result in termination

Loss of drivers' license may result in termination

Pay Procedures

Rate of pay: Refer to the Workplace Agreement and Rate of Pay table - on this website

Time sheets are to be completed ONLINE DAILY

Travel: a travel allowance is paid per day - paid work hours once start work

Work week: Wednesday to Tuesday

Wages electronically transferred on Thursday at the latest, it will depend on your bank as to when funds will be in your account

No responsibility will be taken by Storm Scaffolding if incorrect bank details are supplied


Superannuation Guarantee will be paid

No responsibility will be taken by Storm Scaffolding if the incorrect superannuation details are supplied

Superannuation will be paid to your fund monthly

Sickness and Absences

If you are unable to work - ensure ample notice is provided.

If you have an appointment - notify your supervisor as soon as you are aware of the appointment

If you are ill SMS Text or phone your supervisor

A doctors certificate is required is you are off work for more than two consecutive days, otherwise you risk termination

Non Disclosure Agreement

You, Storm Scaffolding directors and Storm Scaffolding employees agree that any terms of your employment, wages, conditions, superannuation choices or any other details will not be given to another person unless required by statue and/or written authority is given by both parties.

Company Clothing

We ask that you return all company provided clothing, which displays company logo or name. when you leave the organisation.

Workplace Health * Safety * Environment * Heritage * Culture

Accident Procedures

Manual Handling
Click to read Storm Scaffolding incident procedure
Use best practice safe lifting techniques.  Take into account individual ability, experience, site safety or procedure requirements.  Strength will vary from person to person.
Protect back and neck, limbs, digits, tendons etc.  Warm up before and cool down.  Start with light workloads before carrying out heavy work.  Beware of repetitive work positions.  Make regular posture or position changes.
manage rotation of heavy or awkward works amongst workers.  Load share heavy or awkward lifts.  Use mechanical lifting equipment where practical and possible.
Where needed use only quality anti-vide hammers and other similarly equipped tools where possible.
Further manual handling training and reminders will be given regularly.
Maintain clean work site and dispose of rubbish promptly in area designated.  Observe relevant legislation or Code of Practice.
Environmental and Safety Responsibilities including Personal Precautions
Our personnel must follow directives as given and obligated upon us from relevant EHS (environment Health and Safety) Supervisors to minimise our impact on the environment.  Immediate supervisors will be he'd responsible to ensure and continue to train and encourage best practice.  Plan for safe and orderly quality work.
Where site safety or environmental management is not adequate, you must manage your impact or safety of yourself and others you supervise to the standard expected by our company.  If thesis the case, consult with your supervisor and advise them that this is the situation.
Manage your own health and safety to a high standard regardless of the conduct of others.
Safety breaches may result in discipline or dismissal, especially where there is deliberate or negligent conduct.  No further warnings are required under current legislation.
All personnel will show the utmost respect for persons, customers, property and areas that are of religious, heritage or cultural importance and follow directives as given by both our company and the clients' management.
Environmental Isssues
Our personnel will show the utmost respect for the environment.  Site Environment Issues may include the following items and their required controls.
Water Usage - ensure water is used as per council requirements on site.
ASS (Acid sulphate Soils) - spread ag-lime on the gourd to neutralise any ASS for soil or water treatment as recommended where relevant to our activities.
ESC Erosion and Sediment Control - Prevent run off, erosion and maintain sediment control devices such as sediment and erosion control fences or barriers,
Ant Management - be aware of fire, electric and crazy ant colonies ensure they are not moved particularly on vehicles.  Clean down vehicles before leaving site if required.
Weed Management - plant my need to be washed down prior to work as advised by site management.
Land and Water Contamination - all chemicals brought on site must be on the site register.  Contaminated materials must be disposed of safely in an appropriate manner.
Spills - Contain spills with a spill kit.  Pick up in heavy buckets and bags.  Dispose of in oil spill waste binds only.  Report all spills to the onsite EHS Adviser and Storm Scaffolding office.  Fuel, oil an all other petroleum based products must be stored as per AS1940.
Visual Impact - Ensure you keep your work area tidy.  Tools and equipment kept in good working order.
Noise Management - Allowable work hours are 6.30am - 6.30pm Monday to Saturday - work outside these areas to be approved by Storm Scaffolding supervisors or management.
Air Quality Management - water down soil tracks and work areas where required.  Minimise traffic volume and movement.
Fauna and Flora - all fauna must be protected.  No domestic animals are permitted on site.
Waste Management - clean up all personal and other waste and dispose of in proper waste bins.  Regulated disposal waste must be handled, transported and disposed of as per relevant regulation or statute, including but not limited to asbestos sheeting, lead painted products.
Safe Work Method Statement - Safe Work Pocedures
Before commencing work on a construction site, in a Storm storage yard or any work place - read carefully the specific Work Method Statement.
There will be different work method statements for each task and project.
Click on the below icon to view an example of a Storm Scaffolding Work Method Statement.
The following PPE must be worn at all times:
Steel Cap boots
Approved hardhat
High Visibility Long Sleeve Shirt
Additional PPE maybe required:
Industrial Quality Gloves
Eye Protection
Hearing Protection
Safety Harness
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